Greek Life

Fraternal organizations

Historically, Greek-letter organizations and social fellowships have assumed an active role in contributing to the cultural, scholastic, political, service, and social life on campus, as well as providing leadership opportunities for students. At JCSU fraternities, sororities, and social fellowships are involved in educational programs, community service, and leadership development. They also provide a strong bond of friendship among their members. For the purposes of this document the term Fraternal Organization refers to social fraternities, sororities, and social fellowships.

Fraternal organizations are expected to comply with institutional, national, and regional regulations governing.

Their respective organizations, as well as those established by the National Pan Hellenic Council. Further, they are required to adhere to the published rules and regulations governing student organizations at JCSU. The University supports and assists fraternal organizations and considers them an essential part of campus life. However, it is expected that such organizations will comply fully with the goals, mission, and purpose of the University.

National Pan Hellenic Council

The National Pan Hellenic Council constitution shall be adhered to by its affiliated and active fraternal organizations at JCSU. Other social fraternal organizations that are not affiliated internationally with the NPHC must be affiliated with the Independent Fraternal Council (including recognized Social Fellowships). Affiliation with a governing council is mandatory for recognition and activity at JCSU. The rules and policies of the University supersede all constitutions and other policies and procedures governing these organizations.

The NPHC is currently composed of nine International Greek letter fraternal organizations. It promotes interaction through forums, meetings, and other mediums for the exchange of information and engages in cooperative programming and initiatives through various activities and functions.

UGC (United Greek Council)