Dean of students

Message from the Dean

Greetings Smithites!

The Office of the Dean of Students is committed to cultivating an environment where your possibilities can become reality. The Dean of Students serves as your primary advocate for students and their holistic developmental needs (i.e., educational, social, personal, spiritual) here at Ƶ. (JCSU) We provide you with the care and support needed to successfully navigate our campus culture and landscape by connecting you with the appropriate university and community resources. We realize that each of you will face challenges sometimes. We are here to listen and respond to your concerns and grievances. Cross-campus collaboration ensures that every step has been taken to reach the best possible resolution.

It is our goal to make your college experience meaningful! Having a great college experience is about experiencing everything your campus offers inside and outside the classroom. Know your rights and responsibilities, talk to people, go to campus events, join an organization, prioritize, go to class, take care of your personal and mental health, and ask for help! We genuinely want JCSU to be the place where you can grow here and glow everywhere!


Cathy Jones, Ph.D.
Dean of Students

Ask the Dean

We recognize that there are several questions and concerns you may have. Please take a moment to complete the Ask the Dean Form. Upon receipt of your concern, the Dean of Students will connect with you to answer your questions/concerns, direct you to the appropriate office, or schedule a conference via in-person/phone/video meeting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the questions we receive from students and parents. If you do not find the question or answer you need, please get in touch with us at:


Biddle Hall Basement (in Residence Life Suite).

We recognized that students may encounter obstacles that can impact their ability to be successful in college. Johnson C. Smith Students that experience unexpected or unavoidable hardships can complete the and visit the Resource Pages entitled Emergency Aid for more information.

Students who wish to check conduct status may fill out the .

The Center for Languages, Rhetoric and Culture operational hours are Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., in Perry Hall (Room 104). Undergraduate students can also book online appointments or email (centerLRC@jcsu.edu) for the next available appointment.

At JCSU, you have access to online tutorial services--namely Smarthinking Online Tutoring Services. Smarthinking is an academic online tutorial service that offers you on-demand support from tutors in over 25 subjects, including science, mathematics, writing, business, reading, and foreign language. You students can connect with an expert tutor, for a drop-in session 24 hours a day.

Ƶ provides and coordinate support services and programs that enable its students with disabilities to maximize their educational potential and to increase the level of awareness. The office of Disability Services is in the Basement of McCorey Hall. They can be reached at 704.378.1282.

In the event of a grievance regarding an academic issue, a student must initiate the process. This action is required to facilitate bringing the grievance to the person against whom it is being made against (i.e., a faculty member). Academic grievances may be submitted in writing and shared via email (i.e., an email sent to the faculty member); captured on a “Speak Out Smithite” form; or, through the JCSU Web Portal. Unlike the previously discussed grievance procedures, which are centralized and operate under the auspices of the Dean of Students, the academic grievance process is decentralized. The university’s colleges/schools, within the Division of Academic Affairs, handle, manage and maintain correspondence records, logs and resolutions related to academic grievances. If by chance, an academic grievance is received by the university’s Dean of Students, via deanofstudents@jcsu.eduit is then redirected to the appropriate academic unit.

The Ƶ (JCSU) Student Grievance Policy provides students a forum to express grievances (or concerns) related to issues involving students, faculty, staff and/or other members of the JCSU constituent community. For grievances that do not involve harassment, sexual violence, assault, and/or discrimination, a student should put his or her concerns in writing and submit them to the Dean of Students, via email deanofstudents@jcsu.edu.

Before initiating the withdrawal process, you should consult with your advisor to discuss the reason(s) for the withdrawal and develop a plan for degree completion. To withdraw from the University, you must obtain an Official Withdrawal Form from the Office of the Registrar or download one from the JCSU web portal. You should complete the form and submit it to the Office of the Registrar where it is placed in your permanent record. Failure to properly withdraw from the University may result in a grade of F for all courses in which you are enrolled that semester.

Yes. The student food pantry, also known as the Golden Bull General Market is located at 301 Campus Street, Charlotte, NC 28216.

Yes. The clothing closet is in the Career and Professional Development on campus. They are located in Career Services – Building 15 (Located across the street from Campus Security at the main entrance to the University). They can be reached at 704.378.1045 or career_services@jcsu.edu.

The Center for Career and Professional Development assists students and recent alum comprehensively to plan for internships, careers, graduate school & post-college life. They are located in Career Services – Building 15 (Located across the street from Campus Security at the main entrance to the University) They can be reached at 704.378.1045 or career_services@jcsu.edu.

Emergency Aid

The Emergency Aid Program supports student persistence toward degree completion by removing unforeseen financial obstacles from their path, which if not resolved quickly, could cause students to abandon their plans for higher education.

Johnson C Smith University provides funds to eligible students facing short-term, nonrecurring emergencies with an award of emergency aid dollars to remedy the situation. The student requesting the aid will complete an online application and submit supporting documentation of the emergency. There will be a pre-determined list of criteria to approve or deny a student’s request. All required documentation must be submitted in the online portal and adhere to all program guidelines for approval of funds.

Eligible Expenses

Expenses covered by the Emergency Assistance funds include, but are not limited to:

  • Utilities
  • Housing/rent
  • Medical/dental
  • Transportation
  • Childcare.

Eligible Students will:

  • Be enrolled part-time or full-time in a certificate, associate or bachelor's degree program at the time of the aid request. Graduate students are not eligible.
  • Have a GPA of 2.0 or greater at the time of application approval.
  • Complete the online application provided by JCSU and upload supporting documentation of the financial need (i.e., required uninsured medical treatment, automotive repair estimate, documented notice of unexpected change in housing or utilities expense).
  • Complete the required financial education courses
  • Benefit from having an expense paid with emergency aid through this program, not to exceed $500 during the life of the aid program.
  • Be entitled to use of the emergency aid funds with no expectation of repayment.