is our Top priority

The Ƶ Campus Police Department provides a safe campus conducive to services which meet professional standards established for law enforcement agencies.

Effective communication can save lives when emergencies happen. In the event of an emergency, JCSU strives to provide quick and accurate communication to students, faculty, staff and guests through the use of JCSU Alert and emergency procedures.

Campus police
Illustration of JCSU Police Badge
Campus police

JCSU maintains a security force of dedicated officers who work to ensure that our campus community is a safe place to learn, live and grow. They also maintain our annual safety report and are responsible for alerting the campus via text and phone whenever we have a safety issue. 

JCSU Alert
Alert Symbol - Exclamation Mark in Triangle
JCSU Alert

Emergencies happen. Whether due to inclement weather, emergency or some other issue, JCSU maintains a proactive program to make sure that our campus community is in the know so they can stay safe. 

In addition to a top banner on the website, our community may also receive emails, text messages or phone calls when conditions could put the health or safety of our students at risk.